Portrait Gallery

I am currently open for commissions. Please contact: to enquire about my waiting list.

segment of a black and white drawing of border collie dog

My portrait portfolio in a variety of mediums; oil, watercolour, gouache & graphite.

Finished portrait with photo
oil portrait of child in red jumper hugging a tan terrier dog on brown leather sofa
white german shepherd puppy leaning over a log
a blue point siamese cat painted as a kitten and an adult double mounted in sky blue and cream mounts
black and white drawing of border collie dog
watercolour of an older springer spaniel
Rafiki singing from Lion king theater production
Nala sitting from Lion king theater production
springer spaniel jumping in the air with favourite toys come to life: a rabbit, angry bird and sponge bob square pants
a black German Shepherd in graphite and charcoal
yoda portrait in graphite sitting on log in swamp next to rucksack
dappled grey horse on black background
young woman looking thoughtfully off into the distance, running her hand through her hair while sitting under a pink cherry blossom tree